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    Review by: Anne-Sophie Schichl, Switzerland

    Pikey Peak with Bikesh Rana

    Me and my friend were doing the Pikey Peak Trekking with Bikesh. We drove with the Jeep from KTM to Dhap from there we started our Trek. On this day we walked first to Japhre and stayed there for one night. The next day we walked to Pikey Peak Base camp and stayed there another night. The next morning we started ascending Pikey Peak at 5.30 am and reached the Top about 1 hour later, perfect timing for the sunrise. I've already done a few trekkings in Nepal but never had such an amazing few over the whole Himalayan range. Since we did this Trekking at the end of January there was still a lot of snow and it was super cold. But still, it was worth doing it, even with the cold and the wind. On this Day we walked further to Junbesi where we had the next day resting day since the Day of the Pikey Peak was very exhausting. We visited the Monastery there and finished our Trekkthe next day in Saleri. We did the Trekking with Bikesh and he was an amazing guide. He never did this Trekking before but he told us this in advance. I always felt very safe with him and he did everything we wished for. He is very experienced and had very good knowledge about everything. We had a lot of fun with him and I'm recommending him to everyone. I've already done a Trekking with Himalayan Ecological Trekking before and the organization was very good and they were very professional.