Bhutan is a tiny landlocked country situated in the South Asian continent. Even if the country is small geographically the attractions and touristic activities are exemplary. During these 25 years in the field of Tourism Management, Himalayan Ecological Trekking has organized thousands of trips to Bhutan. It is of utmost necessary to have a smooth tour organization in Bhutan. The rules and regulations of the country are very different. It is highly advised to all travellers to select the right tour company for the Bhutan Tour. It is possibly the rest of Shangri-La's which is even known as the Druk-Yul - the place that is known for thunder Dragon. There are stunning things to discover in Bhutan including vegetations and wildlife. The high rise lakes and the urbanized availabilities impact the outing to Bhutan to the most developed one. 

Himalayan Ecological Trekking has the gigantic scope of the contacts and delegates working in the region. From the most settled trekking trail of Bhutan, the Chomolhari Trek to the social voyage through the Paro, Thimpu, and Punakha make the event in Bhutan the extraordinary involvement as a rule. Witness the standard lifestyle of the all-inclusive community of the locale and the meticulous work made truly of local essence. 
The plans showed by Himalayan Ecological Trekking is set up after a meaningful approach. We have gone to ourselves and agents to the entire domain which we have offered. The Bumthang Owl Trek, Nub Tshonapata Lake Trek and other short trekking and tours in Bhutan are well-rehearsed. 

Bhutan can be the social voyage through the Paro, Thimpu, and Punakha. The Tiger's Nest which is on the vertical slope 900 m over the floor is the famous place of Bhutan. This is wealthy in Buddhist culture and considered an unprecedented nation of traditional values.  The dazzling perspectives, varying climatic conditions with a general wealth of broadly differed vegetation, brilliant mountains, wonderful hospitality, boondocks, crystalline air, a free and all around arranged people, breathtaking craftsmanship and plan and significant valley past the bit of modernization.