Nepal is the natural beauty for trekking, touring, climbing other activities peoples know that travel in Nepal. The beauty of land discovers capture the landscapes, cultural, historical temples, festivals and explore villages experience the rural lifestyle and ethnic-cultural group of Nepal. Nepal is a small place but a big dream for photographers capturing everything in one country all type of atmosphere but it will challenge travellers to get on a close-up shot of the top of the world's highest Mt. Everest panorama views of snowcapped mountains.

The natural beauty of Nepal is gifted with amplified views of snow-capped mountains and valley with beautiful lakes, waterfalls, rivers, flora, and fauna. Exploring the remote village towns with local people’s lifestyles and culture. A big chance to capture wildlife like Bengal Tiger, One Horn Rhino, Red Panda, Snow Leopard, Spiny Babbler and many more have made the best destination for a photography tour in Nepal.

Himalayan Ecological Trekking offering the best photography tour itinerary includes landscape, culture, wildlife, the daily life of people, port it photography, historical temple, lakes, waterfalls, sunrise and sunset views with mountains capture these magical vistas and wonderful picture in your camera discover the wonder of Nepal photography experience in your lifetime.