The Great Himalayan Trail (GHT) in Nepal is an ambitious and challenging trekking route that traverses through various mountainous sections within Nepal, covering a distance of approximately 1,700 kilometers. The trail passes through eight mountains with elevations exceeding eight thousand meters, and it offers trekkers the opportunity to experience a diverse range of landscapes, cultures, and challenges. Here is a summary of the information you supplied.

Trail Route and Sections:

The GHT trek covers a vast range of mountainous areas in Nepal, including:

Kanchenjunga circuit
Makalu route
Everest Route
Tilman pass
Langtang valley Route
Ruby valley Route
Manaslu circuit Route
Dolpo Route
Annapurna area
Mustang area
Simikot Humla Route

The GHT journey can be completed in multiple phases, and there are options to choose between the low and upper routes.

Starting Points:

The trek can be started from either the Far Eastern Region of Nepal (Kanchenjunga area) or the Far Western Region of Nepal (Hilsa). It's suggested that trekkers start from the eastern side due to experience and logistical reasons.

GHT Trekking Styles:

Trekkers can choose from three main trekking styles based on their preferences, availability, and trekking experience:

Solo Trekking (Independent): Trekkers hike without a guide. This style offers more independence but requires careful planning and preparation.

Guided Teahouse Treks:
Trekkers are guided by local experts and stay in teahouses along the trail. This option provides support, cultural insights, and the comfort of established accommodations.

Camping Treks with Supporting Crew:
Trekkers camp along the route with a crew to assist with logistics and support. This option provides greater flexibility in terms of itinerary and allows access to more remote areas.


The history of the Great Himalayan Trail dates back to the mid-20th century when pioneers like Bill Tilman and commissioned military officer Jimmy Roberts began exploring the region on foot. The GHT was opened up for trekking in the early 2000s when Nepal and neighboring countries allowed trekking in formerly restricted areas. Himalayan Ecological Trekking has played a role in promoting and organizing treks along this significant route.

Himalayan Ecological Trekking:

Himalayan Ecological Trek is a trekking agency that specializes in organizing treks along the Great Himalayan Trail. They have experienced trekking guides and planners who are familiar with the challenges and logistics of trekking in Nepal. They offer expertise in various trekking styles and can assist trekkers in planning and organizing their GHT adventures.

If you're interested in embarking on this epic journey, Himalayan Ecological Trek welcomes inquiries and can provide assistance in arranging the trek according to your preferences and needs.