Everest Region Trek is the mother of all trekking routes in the world. It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves - in finding themselves. This is quoted by Andre Gide and we found it very meaningful. Imagine the journey towards the superlative Himalaya’s base camp and the chance to witness more than a dozen snowcapped Himalayas very closely. Exactly our body will develop the spines automatically and our mind will enthuse. There is no use in life when one cannot explore the magnificent surprises of Mother Nature on this earth where we are born. 
Mount Everest Region Trek is a journey to a blissful place up in the Himalayas where tranquillity prevails and only remains the nostalgic sound of mountain caravan. As well as the cool breeze of the pristine mountains touching your soul, the fun begins.  

Nowhere in the world, you can find temperate alpine forests en route to heights as high as 5545 m from sea level. The world’s tallest mountain Mt. Everest is there as the major highlight but to remind you numerous reasons make the Everest Region Trek of Nepal the deity of all wilderness adventure. The glacial turquoise lakes the snow-clad mountains and ever-flowing glacial river coming straight out of the mountain glacier nestled harmoniously serving the livelihood of the intrepid Sherpa people. Life, nature, and culture together can be witnessed in this region. 
The uphill and downhill along the moraines, forests, and rivers are not simply the stroll in the park rather it is the very essence of life. 

Apart from the trekking activities, iconic mountaineering can also be done. Lobuche Peak, Island Peak, and Mera Peak are the trekking peaks while Mt. Everest, Amadablam, Lobuche West, etc. are the expedition mountains. 
Whichever trekking or peak climbing activity you choose should be done with compassion, passion, and enthusiasm. Together with the safe trekking agency or the crew members, the journey would be a mesmerizing tale of memorable events. Behold and let go of your fear. Imprint your footprints yours alongside the iconic figures of Nepal’s mountaineering like Sir Edmund Hillary, Scott Fischer, and Norgay. Choose Himalayan Ecological Trekking as our 25 years of experience managing trekking up in the Himalayas will ensure great adventure in Nepal.