Bird Watching in Nepal, the places we promote bird study trips by a lot of notice and vitality as a graph for holiday include the group of natural world and environment. Himalayan ecological trekking team worked as an environmentalist in National Park all over Nepal. The tour also exhausted wildlife tourism and has lengthily led the trip to different parts of Nepal. Nepal is one of the Beauty Natural worlds. You will have a lot of possibilities to spend your holidays. Nepal is a popular place to see the many different kinds of birds. What is missing from the World is also available to see some wherever you will travels in Nepal. You can see the different types of birds together with the Nepal National bird (Dhaphe) pheasant. Nepal is Bird Watching Paradise through 887 types (10% of the world’s total bird variety) of birds. Nepal, even if small in its size, has all kinds of habitats for birds-watchbands, lakes, temperate and subtropical forests, and coniferous and Himalayan habitats.