In the western part of Nepal, the natural beauty of the place does not fail to amaze its traveler and this place is known as the Dolpo region of Nepal. The mythical land of Dolpo offers splendid views of the deep valleys, a stunning landscape of Nepal, and an ancient type of village. The Dolpo region is culturally influenced by Tibetan culture. The people follow Tibetan Buddhist culture and the Buddhist religion. The Dolpo region is the only region in Nepal where some people still follow the Bon Po religion. Traveling in this region started decades ago but with difficult geographical features, the region is still behind in the means of developmental infrastructure. Therefore, the land way of transportation, as well as airway transportation, is still undeveloped along with other features like health, education, and communication. 

Dolpo due to remote conditions and lack of developmental infrastructure has been able to preserve its natural glory and kept the historical monuments, culture, and tradition intact. The Dolpo region used to be the ancient trade route between Nepal and Tibet. Hence, Tibetan culture was followed. Due to its remoteness, many trekking trails of this region have been taken as restricted area trekking or the beaten trekking path and remote area trekking. So, if you want to explore the remote and genuine beauty of Nepal, then trekking through the Dolpo region with Himlayan Ecological Trekking will be the best choice for trekking in Nepal.