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About Water Adventure Sports

Adventure rafting Tour is also regarded in some parts of the world as white water rapids sports. Nepal is real heaven an ideal place for such a thrilling adventure. The country is the second richest country in terms of water resources despite its being a landlocked country. There are plenty of swift downstream rivers in Nepal.

Adventure lovers can find grade one to ten rapids in the rivers of Nepal. There are numerous popular rivers like Bhotekoshi, Marshyangdi, Seti, Trishuli, and Karnali. Among these rivers rafting in Trishuli and rafting in the Bhotekoshi River are considered the most famous rafting adventure sport in Nepal. 

The most significant aspect of rafting tours in Nepal is that people don't only get the white water down thrill but also get the scenery of surrounding villages and hills. Galloping through rapids travellers will get the best scenic view of forests, people, and locality.

Join us Himalayan Ecological Trekking Rafting Tour in Nepal with Adventure River Rafting in Nepal our team will make your holidays make the trip more exciting and unforgettable. Explore the perfect combo of greenery and the gorgeous valley in Nepal.

Trisuli river Rafting

Trisuli River Rafting is one of the most popular water adventure spots in Nepal. The river came from the Langtang Himalayan range where the holy place is Gosainkunda. On a trip on the Trisuli River rafting, you can enjoy beautiful valleys, terraced fields & gorges with exciting and challenging white water, through a lot of adventure with a drop of the rapid, pool, cliff jumping, and simply soaking up the beautiful scenery.

What to Bring:

1.    T-shirt
2.    Swimwear for the river
3.    Warm clothing for the evenings including a fleece or a pullover
4.    Sunscreen and lip protector
5.    Sunglasses (with retaining device) and/or a cap
6.    Towel and toiletries (environmentally friendly is best)
7.    Personal medication
8.    Flashlight
9.    Footwear