• Scenic mountain flight from Nepalgunj to Simikot/Humla, across the lower Himalayas
  • Remote and Authentic Experience far western Nepal
  • Unique Culture and Peoples 
  • Rich Biodiversity
  • Minimal Infrastructure
  • WildlifePhotography Opportunities
  • Unique flora and fauna (rare mountain herbs and other plants, and wild animals)

About Limi Valley Wildlife Explorations

The Limi Valley trek offers an incredible blend of breathtaking landscapes, rich cultural experiences, abundant wildlife, and opportunities for birding research. Situated in the remote northwestern region of Nepal, the Limi Valley is a hidden gem that promises an unforgettable adventure for photographers, researchers, and nature enthusiasts alike.

Cultural Exploration:

The Limi Valley is home to the indigenous Tibetan-Buddhist culture. You'll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the daily lives of the local people, witness their traditional ceremonies, and capture moments of cultural significance. The region's monasteries, Chortens, and prayer flags add a distinctive touch to your cultural photography, showcasing the deep spiritual connection of the locals to their surroundings.

Wildlife Photography:

The Limi Valley is the far west north part of Nepal, which is home to a diverse range of wildlife. While trekking, you might encounter elusive Himalayan species such as snow leopards, wild Yak, Kiang, blue sheep, Himalayan Tahr, Tibetan Gazelle, Mountain Weasel, Marmots, Tibetan foxes, and many more. With patience and the right equipment, you could capture rare and captivating moments of these animals in their natural habitats.

Birding Research:

For bird enthusiasts and researchers, the Limi Valley offers an opportunity to study high-altitude avian species. The valley's varied ecosystems, including alpine meadows, river valleys, and coniferous forests, provide habitat for a variety of bird species. You might spot birds like the Black-necked Crane, Rock Bunting, Himalayan Vulture, Bar-headed Goose, Alpine Swift, Himalayan monal, Common Tern, white-throated tit, Tibetan snowcock, and many more. Conducting birding research in this pristine environment could contribute to our understanding of high-altitude bird behavior and ecology.

Wildlife Approach: 

Keep a respectful distance when photographing wildlife to prevent upsetting the subjects. Avoid getting too close while taking detailed pictures by using long lenses.
Take both wide-angle and close-up photos to show off the beauty of the landscapes and to record special cultural occasions or minute details of the birds. This combination will enable you to describe your travel in detail.
The various rivers and small and medium-sized lakes produce an environment that includes a rich habitat for avifauna. It's important to get jaw-dropping photos, but you should also constantly prioritize protecting the environment and showing respect for indigenous traditions. 
The Limi Valley trek offers a unique opportunity to combine your passion for photography, cultural exploration, wildlife observation, and scientific research, resulting in a truly enriching experience.


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Day 1: Arrival in Kathmandu. Pick you you up from airport transfer to Hotel

                                                    What's Included

                                                    • All airport transfers are by private vehicles.
                                                    • 3 stars hotels with breakfast in Kathmandu.
                                                    • City tour with the tour guide by a private vehicle.
                                                    • All the camp and kitchen gear. 
                                                    • Government License holding tour and trekking guide. 
                                                    • All the necessary mules and porters along the trekking.
                                                    • All the Domestic flights are as per the itinerary.
                                                    • Hotel accommodation and meals as per the itinerary program. 
                                                    • All staff, gear, food, and fuel transfers including dining tents and chairs. 
                                                    • Simikot Humla Special permits from the Nepal Government. 
                                                    • Staff daily wages and Insurance.
                                                    • Comprehensive first aid kids.
                                                    • Sat phone facility along the trip for the group. 
                                                    • Company guarantee for emergency services. 
                                                    • All Government taxes and royalties. 
                                                    • Nepal entry visa fee can be obtained upon your arrival at Nepal Immigration.  
                                                    • International airfare.
                                                    • Travel Insurance, must cover emergency evacuation services. 
                                                    • Lunch and dinner in the cities except for the welcome and fare well dinner.
                                                    • Personal trekking equipment and wearings. 
                                                    • Nature of personal expenses, such as shopping souvenirs donation to any charity.
                                                    • Tour cancelation charge due to unseen reasons.
                                                    • Extra costs rise due to any natural disaster, bad weather, or, political unrest.
                                                    • Bottles of mineral waters, Coke, Fanta, and chocolate bars. 
                                                    • Helicopter chartered cost from Nepalgunja to Simikot in case of flight cancelation due to bad weather en route.  
                                                    • Any alcoholic drinks.
                                                    • Gratuities to the trekking staff and driver