Tibet is without a doubt the most puzzling, legendary, and tranquil place on earth. Regularly viewed as the top of the world the place has turned into a heavenly touristic put. Himalayan Ecological Trekking weaved different travel bundles around Tibet. 

From the sacred Kailash Mansarovar tour to the overland Everest Base Camp Tour, explorers can appreciate the superb nature and social glories in this place. Under the People's Republic of China, this Himalayan goal has numerous royal residences, sanctuaries, pagodas, lakes, and mountains. The scene of this Himalayan Plateau is one of a kind and the place can turn into the picture taker's heaven also. 
The dominant part of individuals living in Tibet takes after Buddhism and Bon Po religion. In any case, the place is similarly sacred and vital to Hindus too. 

Mt. Kailash is viewed as a dwelling place of Lord Shiva and Mansarovar Lake is considered the home of Sesh Naag the manifestation of Lord Vishnu. Thusly, these two spots make it the consecrated journey site. Loads of Hindu adherents visit and do circumambulation of the mountains in an offer to pick up the illumination and to get calmed from any transgressions submitted on this mortal world. It is trusted that the individuals who take a dunk in the Mansarovar Lake and play out the circumambulation (Kora) of the mountains will find the opportunity to be a paradise. 

Tibet has numerous urban communities where voyagers can savor the various castles and pagodas. The most notable royal residence of Potala which used to be the political organization center point of Dalai Lama too and the perspective of Lhasa city from the overhang of the royal residence are so astounding. Shigatse and Rongbuk Monastery are different attractions in Tibet. To achieve the Everest Base Camp from Nepal, trekkers need to stroll for right around 10 days however from the Tibetan side it can be via road trip. In this way, heaps of voyagers achieve the EBC from Tibet also. 

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