Himalayan Ecological Trekking was founded in 1995 with an unwavering motto to provide the best tour experience to our clients. Our team members are driven to offer in-depth tours and thrilling outdoor adventures in the stunning and diverse landscapes of Nepal and Tibet. Since our establishment, we have worked tirelessly to offer our clients an immersive and thrilling outdoor experience.

Our team is comprised of experienced and friendly group leaders and tour guides, and versatile travel experts. We ensure that all our team members are professional and experienced, offering you high quality service and an unforgettable journey. Our main goal is to provide complete customer satisfaction, while heeding to social and environmental responsibility concerns. We value the opinions, inquiries, suggestions, and requests of each and every one of our clients and ensure they are addressed and taken care of personally.

Above all, we prioritize your safety. Safety is also paramount to us, and we ensure that our travellers are 100% secure wherever and whenever we travel.

Join our team and travel with us through the majestic Himalayas for the adventure of a lifetime!

  • Rupchandra Gurung

    Rupchandra Gurung


    Rupchandra's story is one of adventure, perseverance, and giving back to the community. Over thirty years ago, after completing high school in his hometown, he set out to Kathmandu to pursue higher education and start his career. Little did he know, his journey would take him to the highest peaks of the Himalayas and lead him to become the founder of Himalayan Ecological Trekking.

    Starting as a humble trekking porter, Rupchandra climbed the ranks to become a skilled Trekking Guide. In 1996, he decided to take his passion for trekking to the next level and started his own company in collaboration with one of his clients. Over the years, he furthered his business partnerships with esteemed companies such as Neue Wege Reisen, Shambala Tours and Meditation Germany, and Insight Reisen Zurich.

    Rupchandra's love for travel has taken him across the globe, from all the trekking regions in Nepal and Tibet-China to various countries in Asia and Europe. As an accomplished mountain guide, he has led groups through some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world.

    But Rupchandra's success hasn't just been for his personal gain. He strongly believes in giving back to his community and has used a portion of his company's profits to establish educational institutions in rural areas of Dhading, Dolaka, and Sindhupalchowk. His dedication to sustainable tourism and community development has made a significant impact on the lives of many in Nepal.

    Rupchandra's story is a testament to the power of following one's passions and giving back to the community. His company, Himalayan Ecological Trekking, continues to provide unforgettable experiences for travelers while also making a positive impact on the world around them.

  • Bikesh Rana

    Bikesh Rana

    Co-founder and managing director

    Bikesh Rana is a vivacious and driven entrepreneur who has been actively involved in the tourism industry since a young age. He's bursting with energy and enthusiasm and is always searching for new adventures and stunning destinations to explore. With years of travelling under his belt, he has gained abundant experience and a deep understanding of the diverse cultures of Nepal.

    For the past 25 years, he has been actively involved in the tourism industry, and it's safe to say that there's hardly a route in Nepal and Tibet that he hasn't explored. But his love for travel and nature doesn't stop at Nepal's borders; he has also journeyed to other parts of Europe, India, and China. He's now a highly respected professional with a reputation that inspires awe in the tourism field.

    Bergwelten-Magazine has even featured him as a Nepal trekking guide, which speaks to his remarkable expertise and unparalleled passion for his work. Bikesh embodies an adventurer who lives and breathes travel and encourages others to embark on their journey of discovery and wanderlust.


  • Alexandra Walcher

    Alexandra Walcher

    Communications support and adviser

    Alexandra is a development professional (specialised on governance), committed to sustainable development in Nepal and particularly concerned about doing business in a social and environmental responsible way. In her experience, many regulations are in place that could help to protect the environment and to ensure fair salaries, working conditions and safety also for Nepali staff. But often regulations are poorly followed, and there is little oversight and quality assurance, and usually no sanctions for those who don’t follow. This is also the situation regarding the trekking business. Companies that don’t share the same level of corporate responsibility will always be able to undercut the market prices, making it very difficult for those companies that would like to operate in a fair and sustainable way, and following government rules, to compete in the open market. Through her involvement with Himalayan Ecological Trekking, Alexandra would like to contribute to explaining these issues and to raising awareness on these issues among interested travellers.

    Alexandra supports Himalayan Ecological Trekking intermittently with advice and some communications support on a pro bono basis. Originally from Austria, since 2007 she has spent much of her time in Nepal. A passionate trekker, she tries to get out into the mountains whenever holidays allow.

    If you would like to contact her directly, you can write to in this email :- walcher.alexandra@gmail.com.

  • Roshan Gurung

    Roshan Gurung

    IT Officer

    Roshan is a dynamic member of our team, combining his savvy business acumen with love for digital marketing and a thirst for adventure. He is a tech-savvy prodigy who is equally committed to sharing the beauty of Nepal with the world. As a key team member, Roshan is instrumental in establishing the business's online presence and driving growth through his extensive knowledge of digital marketing.

    His passion for exploration is evident in the many treks he has undertaken, including off-the-beaten-path journeys that have allowed him to immerse himself in Nepal's natural beauty fully. In addition to his professional pursuits, Roshan is a good writer and musician and constantly seeks out new disciplines to further his artistic horizons.

  • Shova Gurung

    Shova Gurung

    IT technician

    Ms. Shova is a valuable member of our team, working diligently as an IT technician with a wealth of knowledge in troubleshooting computer software and hardware. She also has a remarkable ability to handle complex databases with ease. Her exceptional communication skills and problem-solving prowess have proven to be essential assets in our company's growth and success.

    Ms. Shova's attention to detail and dedication to her work has helped streamline our IT operations and maintain a seamless workflow. Her technical expertise has enabled her to tackle challenging tasks with precision and efficiency, allowing our company to achieve its goals and objectives.

    We are fortunate to have such a talented and capable IT officer on our team. Ms. Shova's positive contributions to our company have been invaluable, and we look forward to continuing to work with her to achieve our future aspirations.

  • Pratap Gurung

    Pratap Gurung

    Trekking guide (German speaking), bird watching & wildlife photography specialist

    Mr. Gurung has been in this industry for more than two decades. He has garnered experience in various fields of tourism. With his Bird watching, wildlife photographic skills and leadership qualities any team he has led has always been content with his work and has been constantly praised for his work. His interest in traveling and photography is the sole reason for all his accomplishments. Furthermore, with his amazing photography skills, he is best known for capturing the wild lives in his camera. Therefore, his interest, skill and knowledge have taken him to different parts of Nepal as well as Tibet. Moreover, he is a wonderful German-speaking guide too.

  • Shrijana Gurung

    Shrijana Gurung

    Sales & Marketing

    Shrijana is a management student pursuing her undergraduate bachelor level in management. She is also nature & travel lover. She is interested and seeks out to learn more about the country further than what she has erudite in her text and travel books and through family and travel.

  • Suresh Rana Magar

    Suresh Rana Magar

    Trekking Guide & Cook

    Mr. Magar with his utterly fun-loving nature has always enjoyed his work. He has been in this field for more than two decades years and still loving the work he does. His cheerfulness during the trek makes the other companion light and happy. With his skills, knowledge, and experience he is a reliable person to be with. Mr. Suresh Magar has done trekking all over Nepal. Thus, he is more familiar to off the beaten trails of Nepal and His knowledge in remote area trekking is very much dependable. Besides Nepal, he has also traveled Tibet. With his jovial nature, any trek with him ultimately becomes a happy memory.

  • Ram Bahadur Gurung

    Ram Bahadur Gurung

    Trekking Guide

    Mr. Ram Bahadur Gurung is a professional tourist government license holder trekking guide and an adventure trekking  guide for all valued clients from all over the world in the high Himalayas here in Nepal since 2012 and in the regarding of mine academic qualification that he is doing his master degree at the subject of journalism in the university in Kathmandu Nepal, so that I am always very much fond of keep traveling in new places, reading books, social work and photography as well.

  • Pratap Tamang

    Pratap Tamang

    Professional Camping Trek Cook

    Mr.Pratap Tamang is a professional Camping cook for the entire most popular trekking region in Nepal including Upper Dolpo, Saipal Himal, Sarebung Peak, Kanchenjunga, Rolwaling, Dhaulagiri Trek with Mt. Kailash Tour in Tibet.   He has experienced more than Two & half decades in this trekking and tourism field.  He absolutely loves to show mighty  Himalayas Himalayas sharing his experience with trekkers.

  • Hari Dhakal

    Hari Dhakal

    Trekking Guide

    Mr. Dhakal has been working in this field for more than two & half decades. Born and raised in Dhading with the natural beauty in his surroundings has always been in love with nature and its greenery. His love for nature and interest for exploration has taken him to different parts of Nepal, India, Bhutan, and Tibet. He is more familiar with the trekking trails of Nepal as he has trekked through the several trails of Nepal.

  • Lalit Saru Magar

    Lalit Saru Magar

    Trekking Guide

    Meet Mr Lalit Saru, a pioneering figure in Nepal's tourism industry with over 27 years of experience. As a seasoned trekking guide, he has witnessed the evolution of tourism trends and tourists over the years through joyful and challenging moments. Despite the ups and downs, he remains devoted to his profession, recognizing that ease and hardship are two sides of the same coin.

    Born and raised in Dhading District, Mr Saru's passion for exploring high-altitude places has driven him to become one of Nepal's most experienced trekking guides. He has led countless national and international trekkers on adventures across the Himalayas, sharing his extensive knowledge and love for nature with his clients. As he puts it, "Guiding trekkers along the rugged trails of the high-altitude regions fills me with a sense of happiness and fulfilment that I cannot find anywhere else."

    As a trusted friend and advisor to hundreds of foreign visitors, Mr Saru has personally assisted them in choosing the perfect trekking package for different seasons. His dedication and expertise have made him a valued member of the HET team, and his contributions to Nepal's tourism industry are truly commendable.

  • Chhiring Sherpa

    Chhiring Sherpa

    Trekking Guide

    Young and active Mountain guide Chhiring Sherpa, He was born at Solukhumbu district, Everest region countryside of Nepal. It has been working in the field of the tourism industry in Nepal. He has already been in the high Himalayas all over in Nepal and Tibet with a lot of his hard-working a Sherpa guide for all the clients from the world obviously can be entirely satisfied and happy with him for his so friendly guiding, good behaviours, hard-working and smiling face.

  • Santa Gurung

    Santa Gurung

    Trekking Guide

    Mr. Santa Gurung has been working in this field for more than two decades. He was born and raised in Dhading district lap of Ganesh Himalayas. His love for nature, culture, and interest for exploration of different parts of Nepal,  and Tibet. He has already been in the high Himalayas all over in Nepal with a lot of his hard-working, passionate and so glad for being a guide for all the clients from the world obviously can be completely satisfied and happy with him for his so friendly guiding, good behaviors & social worker as well.