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Welcome to Nepal, a masterpiece crafted by Mother Nature!
Put on your hiking shoes! Pack your backpacks! Let's escape to the proximity of Nature and explore every nook and corner. We help you to discover and experience the mystical Trekking routes of Nepal and spectacularly diversified tourist destinations of Nepal. We strive to bring smiles to the faces of both authentic Nepalese souls as well as our highly valued guests. Himalayan Ecological Trekking tirelessly aspires to provide value to our patrons’ investment in travel. We assure quintessential hospitality and impeccable services. A diversified country like Nepal is an ideal destination for a plethora of activities ranging from leisure to adventure and cultural to sumptuous delights. 
Choose varieties of tours and travel packages for worthy holidays in Nepal. We offer trekking in different parts of Nepal, cultural tours, peak climbing, and volunteering packages at the best possible rates. From less-trodden trekking routes to the legendary Annapurna Sanctuary, we operate seasonal trips highlighting the most sought-after destination of the entire globe like Everest Base Camp, Kailash Tour Tibet, and all trekking trails in Nepal, the Great Himalayan Trail.  Our gregarious and hospitable trekking personnel having great fluency in multinational dialects will take you guys to the base of the giant Himalayas, protruding through the rustic setting of Nepal and reaching for the sky.

From worldwide need whichever information please contact us, it is the Himalayan Ecological Trekking pleasure to make your happy holiday in Nepal.

Why Trekking with Us?

Full Customized Trips

Custom Tour Packages allow you to design your own trip instead of following a specified itinerary already created by the tour operator. Wherever you go, how many days you spend there and what kind of travel and accommodation you choose is completely up to you. Include transportation, accommodation and activities/tours, the destination of your preference. Himalayan Ecological Trekking is here for you to help design your dream vacation.


We are several tour/trekking packages designed in several parts of Nepal. Tell us your preferred travel destination and we provide you with the best of the best itinerary according to your preference. Whether you want short or long tours/treks, everything is built by professional and experienced team members of Himalaya Ecological Trekking.


We are a team of the professional trekking guides and city tour guides from all parts of Nepal. We are in this field for more than 2 decades. We are knowledgeable and we know what you are seeking for and all the information about every place of Nepal.


We first step into this business in 1990 since then we are loving what we are doing and striving for. Every part of our job is like a healing therapy so we have been in this business for more than two decades and absolutely enjoying it. Making people’s dream come by taking them in their desired destination and pure look of happiness on their face has helped us keep doing this job.


Crowd Escape Trips are specially designed for those who want to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city or trekking trails. These trips will take you to one of the less explored places of Nepal where pure bliss of nature and culture can be experienced.

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