We declare a climate emergency

Himalayan Ecological Trek has operated in the trekking, climbing, and tour industries since 1995. Over the years we have seen lots of change in the touristic attractions of Nepal. The most noticeable one is the melting glaciers in the Himalayas. Many of the snowcapped mountains on the trekking trails of Nepal have turned into barren hills.

Due to our strong presence in the trekking and traveling industry for more than two decades, we can see the immediate need for people to understand the sustainable attitude toward the environment. If we have to give better earth to our future generations, everyone must work to benefit the planet we live on. We need to develop the sustainable Tourism Industry.

Therefore, the team of Himalayan Ecological Trek unanimously declares a CLIMATE EMERGENCY.

IPCC (The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) advised all to act on the reduction of carbon emissions. The plan is to cut down Global Carbon Emissions to below 55 % by 2030. We are delighted to sign up for Tourism Declares and the Glasgow Declaration. We also appreciate the global initiative of Tourism Declares in uniting tourism entrepreneurs, personnel, and organizations in declaring a climate emergency. 

We are much delighted to commit the following five actions:

​Plan Development: We will create and develop a plan within 12 months for climate emergencies. The Declaration will depict the world about our ways for the reduction of carbon emissions.

  1. Initial Public Declaration of Climate Emergency Plan Share & Future Updates: We will share our first phase plans and create a platform to notify future updates.
  2. Design Treks & Trips to Reduce Carbon Emission: We will be knitting trips in compliance with the IPCC’s advice. The advice is to reduce carbon emissions to 55% below by 2030. It helps in bringing the earth’s degrees of warming by 1.5. We will also encourage our clients and crew members to act responsibly.
  3. Training & Awareness Program: We will motivate fellow Tourism entrepreneurs to be part of the campaign. We will also conduct various awareness programs and training programs to create awareness among trekking guides and leaders. We will share the best practices and ideas to reduce carbon emissions in our trips and tourism activities.
  4. Execute Plans Responsibly: Motivating fellow trekkers, leaders, and operators to create sustainable tourism. It is possible only after taking care of nature and adopting eco-friendly touristic activities.

We request all Nepalese Tourism Entrepreneurs and Organizations to commit to the cause initiated by Tourism Declares. Let’s create a sustainable tourism environment that adds prosperity to people and the planet.