Nepal is the land of great mystery and myth. The country is a majestic place for the splendid mountain vistas and spells bounding varied landscapes. Having a moderate climate and an abode of countless mountains to the plethora of wildlife including diversified vegetation; Nepal boasts as the best holiday destination. 
The birthplace of Lord Buddha and abode of the world’s tallest mountain Mt. Everest are the crown jewels of Nepal. This proves that the country is diversified in a unique essence, perhaps because of the presence of multiethnic people and diversified natural resources. 

Nepal has been attracting thousands of tourists annually. There are plenty of holiday activities which are possible in Nepal. From adventure sports to pilgrimage and from climbing to trekking, the country is full of vibrant travel moments. 

Nepal is the country sandwiched between China and India. Even if the area of Nepal is 147181 sq kilometres the geographical distribution is huge. One can enjoy the flatland, mid-hills, high hills, and mountains. The lowest altitude in Nepal is 60 m and the highest being 8848 m. 
The magic about this Himalayan country is its physical regions. Out of 14 eight thousand meter height mountains, 8 are in Nepal. Over 19000 snowcapped mountains make it the most popular holiday destination especially for trekking, perhaps because these mountains are trailhead of famous trekking routes. 
Cascading waterfalls, high altitude lakes, grassy meadows, and terraced farmlands have blessed Nepal. Geographically the country seems like a carved piece of art by expert artists. 
The climate in Nepal is moderate. It experiences Summer (10-20 degrees Celsius) for six months and Winter (below 0 degrees to 4 degrees Celsius) for six months. In between these two climatic conditions the country experiences Spring and Monsoon as well as Autumn and Winter seasons. 
The mysterious thing is that the same latitudinal position of various places has a different temperature. Southern Nepal is warmer and northern is cooler. 
Vegetation, Water Resources, and Wildlife
Nepal has five distinct vegetations. Subtropical, deciduous temperate, coniferous, alpine, and tundra are major vegetation types found in Nepal. These forests boast equally distinctive animals, birds, insects, and reptiles. Lots of endangered species of wildlife and insects are found in Nepal. 
The country is highly blessed by Mother Nature as it has numerous medicinal herbal plants as well. 
In terms of water resources, Nepal is the second richest country in the world. Even if the nation is landlocked the water resources are in abundance. Cascading waterfalls with glacial lakes and ponds to high altitude lakes are the major source of water. However, the presence of mountains and green lush forests has assisted Nepal to make it the second richest country in water resources.
Language, Culture & Traditions
Usually, the traditions of the Nepalese people are soft and dear. It favours tourists. 
Every month at least three festivals are being celebrated in Nepal. Therefore, you can find yourself in the middle of the festival while holidaying in Nepal throughout the year. The majority of Nepalese people follow Hinduism and speak Nepali as a national language. However, there are lots of Christianity, Muslims, Buddhists, and Sikh followers. They have their traditions and rituals. Numerous ethnic people speak in their local language. The official language is Nepali. The recent survey conducted by the Nepal Tourism Board concluded that most of the Nepalese people can converse in the English language as well. The charm of learning a foreign language has gripped the nation. Nowadays, tourists visiting Nepal can get guides who can speak in their language. 

Peak Holiday Season
The holiday season during spring and autumn is at its peak. The climate and weather are perfect for numerous outdoor holiday activities in Nepal during this time of the year. Spring (March, April & May) and Autumn (August, September & October) are the best seasons to visit Nepal. However, throughout the year one can have a momentous holiday in Nepal. Whichever dates are feasible for the holiday goers; they can plan for the holiday in Nepal. 
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