• Jan 29, 2023
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Dear valued customers,

Namaste from Himalayan Ecological Trekking!

We hope this mail finds you all in good health and spirit.

As of late, we've been seeing a few occasions of the travel industry hoping to crawl back to life. After more than 90 days of lockdown, Nepal currently lifted the lockdown and hence slowly, we are also retracing back to normalcy. The past months have been tough as they compelled us to stay inside our home, completely foreboding us from doing the things we love and used to do. As the world is hovering to find the cure of COVID-19, travel is a difficult thing to do and people who have made plans are in a dilemma whether to travel around these circumstances or not. 

Henceforward, to our travellers, it is our pleasure to inform you that trekking in the Himalayas of Nepal is open from 01 November 2021. So those who are looking forward to travelling after the lifting of the lockdown can start making plans and reservations. 
The ministry of culture, aviation and tourism as of late spread out an advisory about trekking in the Himalayas post-pandemic. We know we are still in the pandemic, and travelling amidst these uncertain times is quite a hesitant thing to do. 

Therefore, for our valued travellers, who are looking forward to trekking in Nepal but are a little hesitant to travel in the coming months, we offer them to PLAN NOW AND TRAVEL LATER. We welcome our valued clients to inquire about the places they are thinking to explore now. Simply, contact us and learn what is there you need to learn about the places you are interested to travel right now. And when the time is right, safe and convenient for you, you can simply inform us and join us for the trek. Himalayan Ecological Trekking will organize the perfect trek for you as per your requirements. 

Similarly, to our dearest customers who have already booked the trip but will be unable to travel due to the uncertainty of COVID-19  and travel restrictions, we suggest you postpone their trek for later dates. At this moment of crisis, Himalayan Ecological Trekking is offering free trip postponement to you. Therefore, you can postpone your trip now and confirm the dates later in the future. Whenever you think is the best and safe time for you to travel again, you can update us with the confirmed dates. We shall transfer your trip deposit to your new dates. You don't need to choose the dates as of now. You can wait as much as you want to confirm the new dates. When you have new dates, please do let us know so that we can organize your trip accordingly.

All in all, we know the current time is a temporary phase. It will pass and we will be able to continue doing the things we like as usual. However, we must not forget that the upcoming time is going to be quite different. The usual routine will be filled with sanitizing hands and wearing masks which is very important. So please do follow the precautionary measures as much as it is possible to keep yourself safe as well as others. As it is a temporary phase, we will get to meet in the mountains soon. So plan your trek now and travel later!

Lastly, please stay safe and healthy! If there should be any further queries, please feel free to contact us by Whatsapp, or email. We are always available to assist you. 
With love and gratitude, 
Himalayan Ecological Trekking

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